START Today: Last 90 Days Challange

Last 30 Days of the DECADE.

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It’s the last 30 days of the decade, and I am a little embarrassed to report, I have not been doing very well in this first week.

Last Week was Thanksgiving week and the last 7 days of the second month of #TheLast90Days Challenge. In my last post I promised myself and all of you I would get back on the boat towards a better me. And I did… for the most part. I went to the gym 3 times a week, stayed away from cheese, (I did have GF Mac & Cheese on Thanksgiving 😞😛) , and worked through all the negativity, and other people’s opinion about my life.

And then like a car going 95 mph on a 35 mph zone it is suddenly December and the first week is almost done.

First week = Complete Utter Chaos. 😕

When I got back home we had no groceries in the fridge for cooking at any time. So we said we will go shopping on  Monday, and then it was Wednesday at 8:30 pm and we walked in to our local Wegmans…

I planned to go to the gym Monday, Wednesday and Friday…. I left work on Monday at 8pm, Wednesday at 7pm and I hope I get my to do list empty by 6pm today…  

My routine is 6 am Wake up , 10:30 pm Bedtime… People I have barely slept this week, to ensure I get everything I have to do done, which means that when I go to bed at midnight everyday I am not waking up at 6am, I need 8 hours of sleep. If not I can’t function during the day. 

I don’t know how you feel but I get extremely annoyed when work or tasks, get in the way of doing my day to day personal errands, this week it felt like there was just not enough hours in the day to get everything done.

There is still 3 days left of the week, which means I still have 3 chances (all I really need) to go to the gym. 3 chances to meal prep, to cook, to clean, to get ready for the next week. 

Here is to working out this weekend, to therapy and clearing my mind, meal prepping  & cleaning on Saturday, cooking, spend quality time  & prepping for the week on Sunday.


Currently living by the following words

“Make sure to START TODAY, so you can feed the energy you will have tomorrow”

Thanks for checking in, I will see you guys next week! 


Last 90 Days Challenge

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On October 1st 2019, My cousin (my accountability partner) sent a video to our group chat of the Last 90 Days Journal, I was officially intrigued, did a quick google search, came across The Hollis Co, Last 90 Days Challenge. Right there and then at 8:30 am I signed up to get the weekly emails and do this whole thing. Around 2:30pm I purchased the journal( not necessary to participate) and waited. From that moment on (not that I had connected the dots yet) I made a commitment to my self to do more of what I love, to find my why, to dedicate time to what makes me happy.

The challenge (a free one), is about committing yourself to doing 5 things everyday. It’s called “5 To Thrive” and its a promise to yourself that you will dedicate time for yourself in your schedule. A promise to yourself that you are working for a better tomorrow.

5 To Thrive

  1. Daily Gratitude Practice
  2. Drink half your body weight in ounces
  3. Move your body for 30 minutes everyday
  4. Give up 1 category of food
  5. Wake up one hour earlier.

Now let me tell you how I am doing this. 1) Every Morning I use the journal I bought, I write 5 things I am grateful for from the day before. Every-night while in bed I write things I am grateful for in my personal journal to then transfer to my “Girl Stop Apologizing” Journal. 2) I absolutely love Starbucks (not and Ad, but definitely open to that) so I have way to many of their Trenti Reusable (with straws) Cup and that is what I use to drink my water, As soon as I get up I fill that up with Ice, Lemons and Water and start drinking, I did the math and if I drink about 6 of those cups a day I am drinking around half my body weight, I also have 4 reminders on my Todoist App that say ” Girl did you finish your water”, so I hold myself accountable to this. 3) This is the hardest for me but it is also the one I invested most in, I hired a personal trainer to create monthly workouts I can do by myself at the gym, cause as much as I love her, I can’t afford her one on one’s. My workouts at the gym are for 3 times a week, and the rest of the days, I either run in the mornings, (Who am I?) or walk in the afternoon with my dog. 4) I work late, sometimes so I find any excuse to not cook, So For October I gave up Fast Food (forcing myself to cook), In November it’s Fast Food & cheese 🧀, and in December it’s Fast Food, Cheese and Bread. 5) Waking up early sucks for me so, I decided I would push myself to create a full routine as I NEED my 8 hours of sleep. My routine is to Be asleep/in bed going to sleep at 10:30pm every-night and wake up at 6am, 1 hour earlier than I am used to.

Now doing all of this hasn’t been easy, it has sucked, but I am committed, so committed that October was one of the most amazing months I have ever had, but then came November with the expectations and needs from other people, and I slacked off for 1 day, and said it’s fine tomorrow I will get back on track and now its November 20th and I fell of the boat, so bad that I even bought the “Girl Wash Your Face” Book by Rachel Hollis, as a tool to get me back on track, have I succeeded? hell no, I keep putting excuses and not prioritizing myself but I know that as long as I keep trying to get back on the boat, I am working towards the better version of my self.

Whats Next? Its the Wednesday 20th, We are one week away from Thanksgiving and I am not allowing this holiday to literally be the current pulling me away from the boat. So I promise this to you and myself. Today I will go jog for 30 minutes, I will drink 6 of my cups of water, and will not eat any fast food or cheese, and this will continue, and not stop.

I will check back in next week after the holidays and give you guys an updated!

Happy Thanksgiving!, Enjoy the food but eat healthy and drink your water!