11/10/19-New Office New Look?

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It’s the first day at my jobs new office, we are still un packing but after the 2 week process of the #KonMari Method, I think it’s time I try to build a new look to go with the new space? Don’t you?

Well that is my plan, After years of hoarding clothes, that I had since way before college, a collection of graphic tees and items that an ex gave me because he didn’t like the way I dressed, (Ughh red flag right there). I took all of my clothes and laid them on the guest bedroom bed, and started going one by one, I swear I did not know how much stuff I actually had. I started hearing the never ending conversation my stepmom and I had while I lived whit her.

Mom: You have too much Clothes, you need to clean it out!

Ada: I use all of this! Plus it’s cute and I like it

Mom: Ughh you use the same shirts every week (She wasn’t wrong), Throw away stuff,

Ada: If it fits me it stays, and that is not true, plus blah blah blah

If I could go back in time and know what I know now, I would have cleaned out my closet, the first time I decided to move. Finally after years I did a proper cleaning of my closet and realized a few things. 1️⃣ I still had a lot of “college stuff”, 2️⃣ all of my professional clothes don’t fit me and I was hoping the would….someday, 3️⃣ I have a lot of stuff that doesn’t really go together and 4️⃣ I lack basic clothing items. Its because of this last one that I write this.

After a quick Pinterest google search I found multiple images of what a basic wardrobe should have, and I own 0 Items of these. I seriously mean 0. So here I am thinking how am I 27, have worked in the US Congress, on a US presidential campaign, have a full time job and have no basic wardrobe essentials. I realized that I own 0 because I never built one. I just bought what I liked or what i though was cute, I never though about what I could use this for , or how it fit with the rest of my closet. Also as a latina I am definitely a victim of getting clothes as presents 🎁 (Porque? diganme por que? Dame una tarjeta de regalo y se acabo).

So how do I build a wardrobe for the new life I am creating? Well I start from scratch I pretend I have 0 clothing, and this isn’t going to be easy as I have decided to remove as much “fast fashion” from my life as I can and start buying only from thrift stores. I need pants that fit me comfortably, shirts that I don’t feel fat in (I am working on this negative thought), Shoes that go with everything, and coats that actually look good. Here is what I will be shopping for hopefully all thrifted.

I am going on this shopping journey and it will take a few months but I hope you join me for the next part of it.

Directly from the shark tank XOXO- Ada

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  • Misskren
    December 3, 2019

    Love this post!! I love office outfits! Great ideas ! Is hard for me choose my outfits! Thanks for share this

    • agfreiria
      December 7, 2019

      It’s extremely hard for me as well!